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Meet 'Nette


Born in Germany, I immigrated to the United States as a young child with my family. I grew up in Atlanta Georgia and in 2000 I moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Beginning as a Pet Portrait Artist, I eventually branched out into also portraying the beautiful Wildlife all around me. I apply my self-taught technique of bringing each subject out of the mat with a combination of colored pencil and acrylic .

When I draw a subject, I bring out what makes them unique. It isn't just a Yorkie, it's your Yorkie..... It isn't just a pony, it's Billy Bob or Susi.....

I combine realism with a touch of whimsy by taking liberties with hair, manes and feathers and subtle color changes. While my portraits may look unusual up close,  they come to life on your wall.

When people ask me how I capture my subject's spirit and personality I always say "It's because they let me".

Eastern Shore Maryland

As soon as I moved to the Eastern Shore, I came to realize what people meant when they said it was "God's Country". The breathtaking beauty of the Wild Ponies is a magical thing to experience every single time I see them. Learning their names and history has added an element of personal attachment. I have even fostered the pony called "Joy" of Assateague and have been in the presence of the famous Chincoteage pony "Riptide".


In addition to the Wild Ponies, there is so much amazing Wildlife for me to draw, including the majestic Herons and the fierce Ospreys as they pose just for me, and I always end a photo shoot with a Thank You! I just wish they could know when I have chosen them in particular to immortalize with a pencil and acrylic portrait of their own.......


Outer Banks of North Carolina

As long as I can remember, if you were to ask which State is my favorite, I would tell you with no hesitation, North Carolina , and especially the Outer Banks area.

I spent many family vacations enjoying the beautiful beaches and Wildlife that is abundant on the barrier islands. I have also for several years been best friends with a local gal, who has a rich Family history in the Lighthouses and Life Saving Stations all over the Outer Banks. To view this area through the eyes of someone who's ancestry is so deeply rooted, is always an amazing experience.

As an avid photographer, I can capture the Wildlife that I love to draw, from the Wild Ponies, and Pelicans to the little Ghost Crabs running along the sand when they are startled.

And who doesn't love a Maritime Forest and Lighthouses..........

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